• The best true spy story I have ever read

    John le Carré
  • [A] captivating espionage tale. In a feat of real authorial dexterity, Macintyre accurately portrays the long-game banality of spycraft-the lead time and persistence in planning-with such clarity and propulsive verve that the book often feels like a thriller. Macintyre has produced a timely and insightful page-turner.

    Publishers Weekly
  • Meticulously researched, splendidly told, immensely entertaining and often very moving

    John le Carré on 'Agent Zigzag'
  • Impeccably researched, superbly told - by far the best book on the SAS in World War II

    Antony Beevor on 'SAS'
  • Thrilling. Ben Macintyre is the ideal narrator

    Spectator on 'SAS'
  • Thorough and highly entertaining. It would be nigh on impossible to praise it too highly

    Daily Express on 'SAS'

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