• "As good as ever. Reading his prose is like running a slow hand down cold silk."

    Stephen King
  • "The good news for readers of Cari Mora is that Hannibal is here in spirit if not in person. This is a very peculiar book, lavishly ridiculous in almost every respect and fully committed to the gothic extremes of human cruelty ... Sounds like fun, right? Well, it is … There are decapitations, multiple dismemberments and brains dripping off ceilings. Also, a certain amount of lyrical stuff about manatees and seabirds, and some comic business with a foul-mouthed cockatoo … What his fans look for is here – turned up to 11."

    Sam Leith, Spectator
  • "Thomas Harris set the bar for modern suspense writing[Cari Mora is] a tense heist thriller, plausibly grounded in coastal Florida and urban Colombia ... Harris’s best since The Silence of the Lambs"

    Leo Robson, New Statesman
  • "Cari Mora reinforces the brilliance of an author who can carve a piece of art from the placement of words on a page to form a narrative that scorches the mind, and makes one think."

    Shots Magazine
  • "A literary event ... Thomas Harris is a supreme thriller writer – for not only does he create memorable and monstrous villains, but he also gives us formidable female protagonists … Violent, brutal and action-packed, yet told with Harris’s typical wry wit, it crackles from first page to last."

    Daily Mail

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