17 July 2018
Tom Fletcher

Hey Kidderlings, Grown-ups and Creakers,

It’s Tom here – the grown-up who wrote The Creakers. If you’ve just finished reading it, then thank you very much – I enjoyed writing it more than a Creaker loves the sweaty sock fluff between your toes. Some of you may know that as well as writing books I also write music. Music and songwriting is a huge part of my life and incredibly important to me, which is why I have written a brand-new song specially for The Creakers called ‘Different’.

On the surface, The Creakers is about horrible, disgusting creatures who love our rotten rubbish but *spoiler alert* once Lucy understands more about them and their world, it turns out that they’re not that bad... they’re just DIFFERENT. For me, that is what this book is really about: realising that we are ALL different and for that reason we are all the same.

Being different isn’t something to feel embarrassed about; it’s to be embraced and enjoyed. It’s OK that we’re all different – that’s what makes each and every one of us special. This song is all about that. I hope you enjoy ‘Different’.

This song is for everyone else who’s not like everyone else.

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