07 February 2017

Salman Rushdie’s mesmerising new novel is a modern-day thriller set against the panorama of American culture and politics since the inauguration of Barack Obama. Invoking literature, pop culture and cinema, The Golden House presents a host of memorable characters, including a young American film-maker whose involvement with a secretive, tragedy-haunted family teaches him how to become a man. Rushdie weaves together a gripping story of life over the last eight years: the rise of the Tea Party, Gamergate and identity politics; the backlash against political correctness; and the insurgence of a ruthlessly ambitious, narcissistic, media-savvy villain sporting make-up and coloured hair.

Publication to be simultaneous with the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, South Africa and Germany.

Michal Shavit, Publishing Director at Jonathan Cape, who has acquired UK & Commonwealth rights, excluding Canada and India, from Andrew Wylie, says:

In a new world order of alternative truths, Salman Rushdie has written the ultimate novel about identity, truth, terror and lies. A brilliant, heartbreaking, realist novel that is not only uncannily prescient but shows one of the world’s greatest storytellers working at the height of his powers.’

For more information please contact: Christian Lewis, Communications Director

Tel: 020 7840 8539 / email: clewis@penguinrandomhouse.co.uk

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