A photo of a paper snowflake covered in salt crystals

© Suzie Attaway

You will need:

A photo of the materials needed to make frosty paper snowflakes on a wooden background; these include an A4 piece of paper, pencil, plate scissor, salt, a spoon and hot water

© Suzie Attaway

•  White A4 paper

•  Pencil

•  Scissors

•  Salt

•  Hot water

•  Cup

•  Spoon

•  Plate

A photo of a piece of white A4 paper that has been folded to turn it into a square

© Suzie Attaway

1.  First, cut your piece of paper into a square, by folding one corner over the over until the sides line up. Then cut off the rectangular strip on the side. To make different sized snowflakes simply cut a selection of small and large squares of paper.

A photo of a square piece of paper that has been folded diagonally

© Suzie Attaway

2.  With your square folded in half diagonally, fold it in half again – you should now have a right-angled triangle which is a quarter of the size of your original square.

A photo of the diagonally folded square piece of paper being folded into thirds

© Suzie Attaway

3.  Now fold your triangle into thirds – the tip should end up being approximately 30 degrees.

A photo of the folded triangle piece of paper having its bottom cut off

© Suzie Attaway

4.  Using scissors, cut the bottom of the folded triangle off at an angle – the pointier the angle, the pointier the tips of the snowflake will be. Discard the excess bits of paper.

A photo of the triangle piece of paper with shapes drawn on it with a pencil

© Suzie Attaway

5.  Now it's time to design your snowflake! Draw on shapes with a pencil along all sides, you can do triangles, curves, ovals, narrow slits, whatever you like.

A photo of the triangle piece of paper with little shapes cut out of it with some scissors

© Suzie Attaway

6.  Carefully cut out the shapes – younger children may need help from an adult to do this bit as cutting through the multiple layers can be quite tricky!

A photo of four paper snowflakes laid out next to each other on a wooden table alongside a pair of scissors

© Suzie Attaway

7.  Repeat steps one to six to make more snowflakes in different sizes. Then gently open them all out to reveal your fabulous designs.

A photo of a bowl of salt with a spoon in it next to a cup of hot water

© Suzie Attaway

8.  Now for the salt crystal magic! First, add four teaspoons of salt to a cup of hot water and stir to dissolve.

A photo of a paper snowflake laid out on a plate with a hand holding a cut of salt water reading to pour

© Suzie Attaway

9.  Next, place your snowflake onto a shallow plate, and pour some of the salt water on top. Set aside in a warm place for a few days (an airing or boiler cupboard is a good place) until the water has evaporated and the salt has crystallised.

A photo of a paper snowflake on a plate, covered in salt crystals

© Suzie Attaway

10.  Once dried, use a pair of scissors to carefully remove the snowflake from the plate, and voila! You've got some gorgeous frosty decorations. To display, use some blue tack and stick your snowflake to a window or loop some thread through one of the holes and hang up on your Christmas tree.

A photo of four paper snowflakes covered in salt crystals laid out next to each other on a dark blue table

© Suzie Attaway

Big thanks to Suzie Attaway for putting together this crafting activity! For more fun crafts and styling, check out Suzie's Instagram @craftpropstylist

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